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It's been a while again and I'm sorry for it. It's not that I'm too lazy to blog, I really want to keep this blog alive, because I love it and I love the idea of it and I love Marlene, so I want to have a medium to connect our lifes even though we're like a thousand miles apart. It's just that I still don't have internet at home and I just can't make nice posts.

But because I really wanted to make an update I spent the whole morning uploading some pictures from my iPhone to and went to Shibuya to have a nice coffee and internet access at Wired Cafe.

A lot of things happened but maybe it's just too much to write all of it. Also please excuse the lack of outfit posts lately. I have to find someone to take some photos haha. Well, this week I went to Shimokitazawa with a friend and she was like: "Hey, I love your Outfit Today!". And well yeah, it was kinda cool, so I asked her to actually take some photos for the blog but..after 3 hours running around Shimokita it go kinda too dark so we skipped that.

Shimokita is a very nice place if you want to go shopping for records or vintage stuff. There are also a lot of small designer shops and fancy hairdresser. So we just bought the most beautiful dress and scarf haha!

But yeah Outfit posts..well I don't go shopping much these days, but about a month ago I just found the perfect pair of shoes, which I gonna show you soon. They're just so perfect for me, so that want to wear them every day until the rest of my life.

(On our way to Azabu-Juban to see BOYS NOIZE!! It was just awesome)

Yesterday morning I also got the terrible news that the Korean model Kim Daul died at the age of only 20. Damn, I'm just one year older than her.
My roommate who is Korean herself cried a lot about her death, because she loved her. Shes's going to study fashion in Tokyo when she finished Japanese school. Same as me, so I really like her. Then I showed and translated her what German bloggers wrote about Daul's death and she got kinda really angry, saying that "those superficial bitches know shit about Daul", which..was kinda funny. She's so cool I tell you guys!

(I saw this in front of a Temple on my way to my hospital next to Tokyo Tower)

(and then I got a flu shot and my arm swelled to tripple it's size..)

I still didn't start my job and because that &$#&$#" of shop owner didn't call me the appointed day I'm pretty worried, so I'll go to the shop and see what's wrong today. If it turns out that he was bullshitting I have to find a new job very very very soon. Maybe I should really send my resume to AA, because they're looking for stuff in Tokyo right now. It sounds like fun, but I'm still not sure, because the pay is pretty low.

(mixing Jager and Qoo? No..just heating it up haha)

(we had that wonderful camping weekend 2 weeks ago. WE're the real campers. Never stop eating take 2!)
(ps: Marlene wir haben dich vermisst!)

So yeah..If I don't find a job soon, I'll have to kill myself..I mean seriously. I live in a shit place in shitty Nippori right now, while all I want is moving back to Kouenji, where I used to live for a year. It might sound kinda childish and also I know that there are much cooler places in Tokyo, but Koenji is a plce which always gave me a lot of strentgh. I had a really bad time last winter and I felt so weak, lonely and missunderstood, but being in Kouenji and leaving my house there every day kinda cheered me up. So there's like nothing that I want more then moving back.
So soon as I got a job and my first salary I'll be back haha. I'm looking forward to pick up my weekly dose of Oranges at Makoto's shop again. Not a fruits shop haha.

(my boy doing some serious ゴロゴロ)

(may I introduce to son. He's perfect, thx.)

(the two coolest thing I saw in Tokyo lately)

I'm kinda sorry for our posts lately are so not fashion, but yeah..whatever. I just want this baby to be alive!

(The sky that day was awesome)

(this place is always awesome)

That's it for now. Marlene, I miss you. Mama, I love you!


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