Sweet bird of youth

Merry Christmas toeveryone! I hope all of you have great holidays and got wonderful presents!

Bernhard Willhelm for Ten Men Magazine

I'm enjoying my school holidays so much right now. I sleep out every day and get a lot of things done, which is really good. For example I finally decided for an apartment! It's a very cute and kind of huge place very close to Koenji station. It has a flower pattern flooring in the kitchen and a huge bath room! It's kind of old, but very clean and it reminds me of my grandma's old house. It's kind of Japanese but so European at the same time. And I had a very hard time finding it. The real estate agents always show you real crap before you get to see the nice apartments and yes, I have to admit I kind of picky.
But I just want to move to a place that feels like home!

So I really hope the place won't be gone until next Monday..because I wanted to go to the real estate agent today to put it on keep. But my friends had some kind of Christmas Party going on when I came home. So well..I kinda failed in waking up early.

Tonight after I finished work, my friends will pick me up in Shinagawa by car and we go on a Chirstmas Party trip to beautiful Nikko. From time to time you get so sick of Tokyo, so I really love those little trips. Looking forward to breath some clean air again!

I usually never post Videos, but you should listen to this song. It's perfect for a quiet beautiful Christmas morning.


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