Tokyo Streetsnap #1

I loved this girl and her outfit so much that I even ran after her when I saw her in Harajuku. She was really small, but so incredibly fast that I almost couldn't catch up with her!
And I shall hit myself for not having asked her about her outfit details. Afterwards I saw her another two times being photographed by someone, so maybe I can find it out soon, when she appears on some web page or in a magazine.
Anyway, I just really enjoyed her look. Perfectly hedgehog.



  1. Ich finde toll, dass sie zwei verschiedenfarbige Schuhe trägt!! <3

  2. Jaaa, ach sie war aber auch einfach cool. Streetsnaps machen unheimlich Spaß, ich muss das jetzt öfter machen! Irgendwelhe estimmten Styles die du gern sehen würdest? <3