I had a nice weekend with my friends in Frankfurt instead of correcting my coursework. I was kind of devastated when I realized that I hadn't taken out my camera all night long but instead took this crappy picture with my mate Marina at 7am in the mornings after the blast was fucking over. However, my mac is still broken so I didn't even have the chance to fancy-iphotoshop this great peice of art right here so I looked for a program on my mom's computer and found one that can turn pictures into magic by making them noisy and b/w. I don't even know. FYI, these are my plans for the next month:
1. Finish the coursework (until this wednesday)
2. Meet my friend Antoine in Frankfurt (who's coming from Cologne, wed-thrus)
3. Go home to Berlin (take care of apartment, sa-??)
4. See Adrian in Paris (around the 15th)
5. Go to Serbia (with my friend Marina) (??)
6. Go to London (to meet my friend Liam)

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